Design Service Philosophy

This is currently the resting place for the portfolio of Matthew Adams of Portland Oregon.

My playground is visual communications. My roots are in print design and production. My spirit is in building brands and advertising, but right now my head's in interface design and training.

I'm a talented recruiter, a measured and charismatic leader, and relentless team builder. I dream in technicolor, sometimes wake to a start, and always have my best ideas in the shower. I drive too fast and turn up the volume too loud. I stay everywhere too late but somehow manage to arrive on time. I'm aggressive and obsessive but sometimes told that I'm giving. If you can derive meaning from that, here's another nugget - my life goal is simple: balance.

The creative spirit has always been with me: I was an artist on career day in second grade, I completed my first paid advertising gig at the age of nine and when I was three I was taken to the hospital to have a crayon removed from my nose.

In the workplace I preach open communication, a create energized and playful atmospheres, and encourage respectful yes relaxedrelationships with co-workers and clients alike. When we communicate well with each other, we will communicate well to our clients and to the public.


Seven questions and six answers.

Q:  Who am I?
A:  Not this guy.

Q:  Where am I?
A:  Not here anymore.

Q:  Where have I been?
A:  On the news, on the farm, but mostly lost, frankly.

Q:  How am I?
A:  Pretty darn swell.

Q:  What have I been up to?
A:  This, that and this.

Q:  Where was I in August '04?
A:  Getting lost in paradise.

Q:  How have you been?


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